Disputes and Litigation

Handling business and intellectual property disputes effectively takes more than aggressive advocacy. It requires an advocate who understands the complete picture, including how your business goals and priorities are impacted by the disagreement. Together, we can determine a strategy that balances the particular costs, benefits, and risks of litigation. When disputes arise, IdeaLegal litigates with a thorough, strategic approach. We handle:

  • Federal and state court litigation

  • Trademark Trial & Appeal Board proceedings

  • Mediation and arbitration

  • Local counsel services for out-of-state clients


We help you lease, license, buy, and, sell products, technology, services, and intellectual property by drafting documents in plain English. If it’s in writing and it involves your company, we can help. 


IdeaLegal has broad experience advising on strategic and cost-effective ways to secure your rights throughout the world, leveraging our network of international trademark specialists. We manage trademark portfolios across all industries to ensure that you maintain enforceable rights and registrations worldwide. We handle:

  • Trademark searching and clearance

  • International trademark strategy

  • Trademark registration

  • Domain name advice and disputes

  • Licensing and assignment

  • Brand monitoring and enforcement

Trade Secrets

Now more than ever, companies are turning to trade secret protection to guard sensitive information such as product development and marketing plans, financial information, customer data, computer algorithms, and manufacturing processes and formulae. IdeaLegal helps you ensure you are taking the necessary steps to shore up proprietary information and avoid costly trade secret disputes before they begin. But if you do find yourself defending or needing to bring a claim for trade secret misappropriation, we’ve got you covered. We handle:

  • Trade secret protection audits and strategy

  • Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements

  • Licensing and enforcement


We help companies, artists, musicians, and other creatives protect their works and marketing materials. We handle:

  • Copyright registrations

  • Work-for-hire agreements

  • Assignments and license agreements

  • Enforcement and cease-and-desist letters

  • DMCA counseling and compliance

Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

All companies collect personal data—information about employees and customers. We help you understand what legal requirements apply to your business and how to commercialize and gain valuable insights from your data, while building trust and complying with a patchwork of laws and regulations. We handle:

  • Data privacy, security and breach-strategy development

  • Privacy policies tailored to your business practices and applicable legal requirements

  • Data privacy agreements for vendors and customers

  • Cloud-based service contracts, representing vendors and customers

  • Defense of enforcement actions from the FTC or data protection regulators

  • Conduct privacy assessments in merger and acquisition transactions

  • Data use and licensing agreements

  • Assessment of marketing and eCommerce strategies for data privacy compliance

  • Training and development for management and employees

  • Support European Union regulatory compliance requirements (General Data Protection Regulation)

Training and Education

We cultivate your legal independence with easy-to-use templates and training sessions for your teams, helping you spot issues before they become disputes. We offer:

  • Best practice training

  • Contract management

  • Data retention policies

  • Privacy training

  • Template and clause libraries

  • Lunch-and-learn sessions